Website Design & Programming

Our focus is on websites that are simple, elegant, easy to use and informative. Choosing a well-designed web site by Emphasis Creative may be the best advertising decision you make all year!

Corporate Identity

Color and font choices, logo development, and a comprehensive overall branding approach distinguishes a business that inspires confidence and makes an impact in the minds of consumers.

Graphic Design & Printed Material

Original web graphics or beautifully designed solutions for print media- give your collateral personality and pizzazz!


Original art and presentation graphics that get the point across- illustrating product concepts with fewer words and more impact, and providing a beautiful, unique look for your materials.

Flash Animation, Video, Digital Presentations

We can do Flash website elements, intros or product demos & tours. We also design PowerPoint and other digital presentations, video and multimedia presentations with voiceovers and custom sound.

Software UI Design

With a 10-year background in software user interface design and usability, we know more about the process of working on development teams and collaborating with programmers- we are not just graphic designers but really can add usability expertise to your software project.

E-Commerce Applications

Having an online store or sales interface is a valuable asset for many companies. There are templated tools available at the large web providers, but many businesses do better with a solution tailored to their specific goals. We can offer robust and flexible e-commerce solutions with database driven features that help streamline your business.

Search Engine Optimization & Internet Visibility

Can search engines find you? Are the right people hearing about you?
We can provide a technical evaluation of your web site to ensure its visibility to search engines, and offer internet visibility in other forms such as help with social media like Twitter, Facebook and blogging... Search Engine Optimization is a changing field and we can stay on top of it for you, offering the best ways to stay relevant and visible.

Content Management Tools

Choose to add a content management system and do your own content edits and updates; from a simple setup that allows clerical staff to safely update your pages, to a complex member-driven social site... we can help choose the right solution that will grow with you.

Language Translation & Localization

Recent developments in technology have allowed us to bring you easily-maintained, multi-language websites. Ask us for details!